Veronica Monocho Lobo

Recently completed small, but detailed project for a retail fashion shop

The demand here was a very short project time of only four weeks

As can be seen from the ‘before’ shots this was a small tired retail outlet. The interior was completely stripped out including the old toilet area and storage.

All old mouldings were removed from the walls as the client wanted clean modern lines. Electrical mains were installed with new heating. We built a new toilet, two changing rooms with storage above as the shop is compact and as much hidden storage as possible was required.

A nice touch was that the walls were decorated with a special acrylic paint to a pearlescent effect finish base coat and three further to finish making the whole space shimmer to reflect the fabrics.

We installed a new window display platform with up lighting and further storage below. All new LED and metal halide spot lights throughout with coloured lamps to enhance to look of the fabrics were fitted. A new storage room was installed and the whole shop fitted with high quality carpet and underlay.

Display shelving and hanging systems were fitted and the exterior was redecorated with new signage. The shop opened on time and has been a great commercial success.

Client: Veronica Moncho Lobo